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Hier eine Liste mit neuen Sachen die wir in den letzten Wochen bekommen haben:

BLOODFIEND - Dead Blood Madness (MC)
BLOODFIEND - Under The Evil Command (MC)
PUTRID EVIL - Massgrave Overtortures (MC)
RESPAWN THE PLAGUE - Gathering Of The Unholy Ones (MC)

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It's time to reveal our next release which I'm personally fucking proud of since I'm a fan of the band for more than a decade now!!
The mighty NECROPHILE from Japan, with current and ex-members of bands like ANATOMIA, MULTIPLEX, MESSIAH DEATH, WORMRIDDEN or TRANSGRESSOR among others, are now recording their debut full length and we have agreed with them to release the CD version on a worldwide basis!! The title of this monster is "Awakening Those Oppressed".

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Unholy Prophecies is proud to present MORBID FLESH's highly anticipated second album, „Rites of the Mangled“. Proudly Catalonian, this Barcelona-based band is fitingly named, for they are authentically and unequivocally morbid, old-school DEATH fuckin' METAL. Which is all not that surprising considering MORBID FLESH's membership includes scene veterans who do time in such hordes as INSULTERS, GRAVEYARD, ÓSSERP, CUERNO, TORT and SHEIDIM among others. What results is a mammoth, elephantine bulldozer of disgusting, disease-drenched Death Metal in a most classic Swedish manner...

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05.01.2017 10:38 | 0 Kommentare
Hallo maniacs!

Endlich ist er da! Schon seit gefühlten 10 Jahren angekündigt aber erst heute online: der neue UNHOLY PROPHECIES Shop!

Viele Kunden hatten sich über Probleme beim alten Shop beschwert und wir selber haben gesehen, dass wir mit ihm an Grenzen gestossen waren. Deswegen diese Umstellung. Wir hoffen ihr werdet euch schnell an ihn dran gewöhnen und natürlich auch Spaß dran haben....mehr ...