Stock update (July 2017) 20.07.2017 20:45

Here a short list of things we got in the last weeks:

GOATBLOOD - Invocation Of Doom (MC)
MORGUE - Instinto Repulsivo (MC)
MORGUE - La Legion Del Sepulcro (MC)

ABATUAR - Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta (CD)
ARGENTUM - Ars Nigrorum (CD)
BLASPHEMY - Desecration of São Paulo - Live in Brazilian Ritual Third Attack (CD)
CARNAL TOMB - Rotten Remains (CD)
STAR OF MADNESS - The Truth Beneath (CD)
EKPYROSIS - Asphyxiating Devotion (CD)
GOATBLOOD - Veneration Of Armageddon (CD)
GRAVERED - Coffins Graves and Tombs (MCD) - restock!!
INCARCERATION - SAcrifice (MCD) - restock!!
INFAMOVS - Under the Seals of Death (CD)
INFERNAL CURSE - The End Upon Us / Ceilanic Exhumations (CD)
INTO COFFIN - Into A Pyramid Of Doom (CD) - restock!!
LOST IN THE SHADOWS - Into The Silence Of The Shadows (CD)
MARTYRDOOM - Grievous Psychosis (CD)
MORBID MESSIAH - In The Name Of True Death Metal (CD)
MORDANT - Demonic Satanic (CD)
MORGUE - Necro Exhumation (CD)
PUTRID EVOCATION - Blackness Enshroud (MCD)
ROTTEN TOMB - Necropolis (MCD)
RUIN - Drown In Blood (CD)
SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Morbid Re-Incantations (MCD)
SOULROT - Nameless Hideous Manifestations (CD)
WORSHIP DEATH - Arise from the Cemetery (MCD)

CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered (10" Gatefold MLP)
FUNEST - Desecrating Obscurity (12" LP) - restock!!
HAEMORRHAGE - Emetic Cult (12" PicLP)
INFERNUM - Damned Majesty (12" GLP)
MARTYRVORE - Obliteration (12" LP)
MORDBRAND - Kolumbarium (7" EP) - restock!!
MORTAL SCEPTER - As Time Sharpens The Sentence (12" MLP)
SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Putrid Invokation (12" MLP)
TOTTEN KORPS - Supreme Commanders of Darkness (12" LP)

From Beyond... the deathbed #6 (German - Fanzine)

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